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Caucus Quiz

Hi there 👋

If you found your way here, you are thinking about remote collaboration and your meeting culture. This quiz will provide some perspective on how you personally experience meetings with your team or collaborators. By getting a handle on how you feel, you will have a new vantage point to understand what might need changing.

How it works 🤓

I'll ask you a set of questions to help you reflect on how you show up as a participant in meetings. It takes two minutes. Tick all that apply, hit submit, and then…presto you’ll get your score. Scores are fun, but working through the questions should be helpful too.
When considering your score, it's important to note a few things.
We all show up differently in different meetings. Don't overthink your answers.
A high score doesn't mean your work is done. A low score doesn't mean there is something wrong with you!

Want to go deeper? 💌

I nerd out on meeting culture, group dynamics and healthy remote collaboration in a ~weekly email. Add your email below and I'll share techniques, inspiration and perspective that will help you understand what your score might mean and what you can do with that information.
[Nerd alert: There is zero science behind this, just some inspiration from Chelsea Troy and a lot of experience working as a facilitator with teams.]